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Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1: No Backlight Repair


Today we have another issue that could be a little tricky to diagnose. The TV seems to have power but just wont fire up!

TV Information

Brand: Westinghouse

Television: 55-inch 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV

Model #: DWM55F1Y1

Symptoms: TV will not come on, the indicator light switches from red to blue but nothing else illuminates.

Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 not working

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Since we know the screen should light up after the indicator light switches from red to blue, lets check if this is a backlight issue by taking a flashlight and point it towards the screen to see if an image is there. No image on our end.. This means we have no picture and no backlight present. Well you know what this means… Time for a little surgery!
  2. By now we all could accomplish this step in our sleep but just in case you have forgotten, lets take the back cover off of the TV and double check all the connections. If everything is nice and snug like on our set then it’s time to move on the the nitty gritty of this problem.Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 cover off
  3. In many of our previous repairs with similar issues we know that this could very well be a power supply issue so lets start there. Take a voltage reading on connectors 5 and 6 while the tv is plugged into an outlet, we have a reading of 84V, a little low but that would’nt be the reason we have no image on the display.Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 PSU Connector 5+6Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 PSU Reading
  4.  Next check the “backlight on” signal at connector 4 on the PSU. On this connector we should be reading 5V from the main unit but nothing there. Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 Backlight Reading
  5. We have finally tracked down the culprit. The Main Unit seems to be faulty because it it failing to send a signal to the power supply to activate the backlights. So lets locate and replace the main unit.Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 Main Unit
  6. Mission Complete! We fired the TV right up and everything was back to normal.Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 Fixed

Repair Conclusion

Solution to Repair: Replace the Main Unit

Board Responsible: Main Unit (Part # 890-M00-06N74)Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 Part Number

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  1. natasha176 /

    My television has no picture at times when I turn it on it has snow and then there are times when it comes on its a light blue color. I have the same make and model and only had it for two years.

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