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Toshiba 58L8400U: Wont Power On!

Welcome back!

Today, we’re looking into a pretty penny of a set. Well it was a pretty penny until it died. But fear not when working on pricey sets like these!

TV Information

Brand: Toshiba

Television: 58-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

Model #: 58L8400U

Symptoms: Completely dead. We can’t see or hear it powering up and there’s no indicator light. Just kaput!

Toshiba 58L8400U won't power on

Toshiba 58L8400U no indicator light

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. One of these days, we won’t tell you that the first step is to double check all the connections on the set… Today is not one of those days :); Everything checked out and looks nice and secure. Toshiba 58L8400U back cover off
  2. Our first inclination is the PSU (Power Supply Unit). Plugged the set in and then we waved our Fluke VoltAlert over the PSU on the hot side and no indication that the board is live. Zilch! Toshiba 58L8400U testing PSU with Fluke VoltAlert
  3. Welp, that means the PSU has no power and is indicative of where the problem probably is. We then brought out our Fluke meter to test the fuse. It read open when the circuit should be closed (blown fuse). Toshiba 58L8400U testing fuse
  4. Soooooo, Bad fuse = Bad PSU. Replace that bad boy. Toshiba 58L8400U bad PSU
  5. Put in the new PSU and now it’s good to go! *Applause, applause* Toshiba 58L8400U new PSUToshiba 58L8400U indicator light on

Repair Conclusion

Soluction to Repair: Replace the Power Supply

Board Responsible: PSU (Part#: PK101V3720I)

Toshiba 58L8400U Power Supply Unit


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