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Sony KDL-32EX340: Wont Turn On

Long time no see guys,

Things have been really busy around the shop lately and during this time we have stumbled upon a really common problem with this television model. A good side to this repair is the only thing required is a little of your  time!

TV Information

Brand: Sony

Television: 32-inch LED HDTV

Model #: KDL-32EX340

Symptoms: The TV will not turn on. The green indicator light comes on and then right back off. Sony KDL-32EX340 wont turn on

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. As always the first and easiest thing to check are all of the connections. So lets remove the back cover and take a peek at all the wires and ribbons to make sure everything is connected properly and tight.Sony KDL-32EX340 Back Cover off
  2. If everything is connected nice and snug like on our TV then it’s time to dig a little deeper into what could be causing this malfunction.
  3. The first board to always check when the issue is related to the power of the TV is the PSU (Power Supply Unit). While the television is plugged into an outlet we check the voltages going through the power supply to ensure the problem is not as simple as replacing this board. Our unit appears to have no voltage readings. UH OH!
  4. Even thought there are no voltages on the PSU, there’s still hope. Before ruling the PSU as a bad part we need to isolate the board to ensure there’s nothing funny going on with the connections. Unplug all the cables leading from the PSU, recheck voltages and VOILA! We have life! After isolating the PSU, voltages seem to be up to standard and we can determine that the PSU is working as it should. What does this mean? It seems that one of the boards connected to the PSU is drawing all of the current pushed to the television set. Something is most likely grounded improperly or in an unintended area (a shortage). If your PSU still has no voltage reading then you can purchase a replacement part to finish your repair.
  5. Now that we have a small hint on what the issue could be, lets dig just a little deeper. Lets unplug the LVDS (Low-voltage Differential Signal) ribbon from the Main Unit board and also disconnect the back-lights. Sony KDL-32EX340 Disconnect LVDSNow we will power the television back up to see whats going on. The television finally fires up but there is no image showing on the screen or backlight (because we disconnected them :) ).
  6. We’re slowly narrowing down the problem, but stick in there just a little bit longer and it will be all over soon. Lets reconnect the back-lights and see if this is whats causing the issue. After reconnecting the back-lights the TV still turns on and the screen is lit but there is still no image displayed (because we still have the LVDS disconnected). So we have ruled out another component and that moves us just that much closer to solving this mystery.
  7. Lets trace the main unit up to the top of the panel and remove the metal cover over the hardwired T-Con. Sony KDL-32EX340 TCon Cover RemovedThe first thing we noticed with the T-Con is that it is not sitting level onto the television. Sony KDL-32EX340 Tcon improper placementBefore correcting the placement of the board we reconnected the LVDS and turned on the TV without the metal plate covering the T-Con and success! The television turns on properly and shows the no signal message. This means that the placement of the T-Con was off just enough to create a short between its self and the metal cover.
  8. Lets re-seat the T-Con, reinstall the metal cover and see if our problem was solved.
  9. Mystery solved! Everything is back to its original working state and the best part is it required no money and just a little time. Now we can go back to watching our favorite soap operas!

Sony KDL-32EX340 Working

Repair Conclusion

Solution to Repair: Re-seat T-Con board

We have come across this issue many times with this model but there has only been one instance where the television was irreparable. If you come across this problem place a comment below and we will do our best to help you get your tv back in working order!

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