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Sharp LC-70LE650U: Picture Loss Repair

Hi friends!

We repair so many different television sets that sometimes we notice certain brands exhibit similar problems. This one for example, had a problem that our techs just immediately knew what to fix. Let’s jump into this!

TV Information

Brand: Sharp

Television: Aquos 70” Class LED HDTV

Model #: LC-70LE650U

Symptoms: So the set turns on as it should, on-screen picture and everything. But, after about one minute, it loses it’s image, even though the backlight stays on. So, you got yourself a lit screen with nothing displaying. Oh brother!

Sharp LC70LE650U screen on

Sharp-LC70LE650U screen on no display

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Believe it or not, our techs have come across this problem many times before with Sharp TV sets. So almost instantaneously, we suspected that this seems to be a main unit issue where things tend to freeze up. But to be consistent in our troubleshooting, we opened up the back and checked all the cables and ribbons to make sure they’re snug and tight.Sharp LC70LE650U back cover off
  2. How often do we see this problem? We know the factory reset function for the TV by heart. Sometimes, this would fix many problems actually, so we’ll start there.
  3. To get to the factory reset menu, unplug the TV, then as you’re holding the volume down and input buttons, plug it in. This should start up the TV into service mode. Unfortunately for this set, we can’t get the menu to pop up for whatever reason. With different Sharp sets the reset menu can be accessed in other ways.
  4. Again, a common Sharp problem. Not much to go further into. Just replace the main unit.Sharp LC70LE650U main unit
  5. We popped in a new main unit, and now the set is holding its display. :)

Sharp LC70LE650U main unit replaced

Repair Conclusion

Solution to Repair: Replace Main Unit

Board Responsible: Main Unit (Part #: F953FM06)

**There are a bunch of numbers on the board, but the part number that must match for the set to work is the one we have listed, which appears next to the QR code.

Sharp LC70LE650U main unit part number

So, this repair can be seen as more on the intuition side, but it’s not. We just know that Sharp main units tend to be a little finicky.

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  1. DKidd /

    Hi, I have the same model Sharp TV (LC-70LE650U) with a very similar problem. When the TV is plugged in there is no display or sound. I do not even get the red Sharp Logo on plug in, no illumination whatsoever. I have the indicator light on which is giving me a blink code of 1 fast 1 slow. I suspect the LED Driver Panel, but maybe you have some more advice. The TV is just over a year old, which fell 2 weeks outside of my MFG warranty. Any insight you have would be of great help, also if you have part numbers for all the boards in the TV so I can order what needs to be repaired without ripping open the TV first (it’s big and I don’t have much space to work on the TV). Thank you.

  2. Guru#9 /

    Sorry it took a while to get back with you. On this particular television the LED Driver is built into power supply unit. I would suspect that is the board causing your problems. Just to be sure I would first do some test. I would go back through the blog and try to do the factory reset on your television. Then it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a cheap multi meter and check to see if you have any voltages on your power supply. Half of the problems with Sharp units is that they go into a protection mode and flash an error code instead of just failing like most TVs. Below is a link to a list of the boards that are in this unit, unfortunately we are currently out of stock on boards for this television but check back with us often, as we are always updating our stock.

  3. Samburris76 /

    Ugh can anyone help ,I have a 70 inch of this model and I guess the panel went out at 26 months. .two months after warranty expired aND we just paid it off . It did have a line thru it but still had a image and after talking to sharp tech it is now completely dark and wont turn on only blinks 2 long 5 quick blinks …they said sorry with no help…can this be fixed ..the tv repair store laughed at me…I thinks this tv should b recalled

  4. michaelcly /

    LC-70LE660U – start-up problems:
    no picture…just a very brief image on the bottom half. Solid power light, no blinking. I have done the following:
    1. Replaced the power board and it made no difference.
    2. Disconnected the two ribbon cables where they clip onto the t-con board.
    3. Connected only right side cable and got half the screen white, other half with working picture.
    4. Connected only left side cable and got similar results but not identical. briefly has artifacts on top half but they disappear.
    5. Connected both and set turned on and functioned normally. Everything worked as it should. When I turn it off then back on, screen comes on but has artifacts and banding on the top 1/2 for a couple seconds but they disappear, and all is good.
    ——BUT—— If I leave the set off more than 10 minutes, no picture…just a short flash. Sound and everything else is works.
    I can turn it on again if I repeat the ribbon disconnect/reconnect, it works again. Also if I leave the wallpaper mode on, I have no problems turning it back on.
    Could sure use some advice.

  5. s_mart /

    I have a sharp LC-60LE550U
    Powers on. (White triangle power is on bottom middle of frame bezel. No blinking)
    Screen is blank and does not show the “Sharp” logo screen on power up
    LED backlights are definitely on as I can seen them through the back metal frame
    Screen shows a black/blue and is lit
    TV does not display any on screen menu (tried both the remote and side panel input buttons)
    No sound and no screen when hooked up to HDMI source (Blu-ray and PS4 were tried)

    I started with replacing the following:
    T-con board: DUNTKF908FM08
    Power/drive unit: RUNTKB109WJQZ
    Main board (yours): DKEYMF905FM06

    No change in the screen. Still black but with power and no on-screen display.

    Any ideas would be helpful.

  6. Toby /

    I need a replacement screen how much is it gonna be to fix

  7. Brandon /

    I bought the same tv and it has been good until the other day where everything started getting blurry and now with everything unplugged it says no input and moves blurry and slow across the screen and is very dark

  8. marcus6861 /

    I have a sharp lc65le654u and i turn it on and all it does is display the sharp logo on the screen. Do i have to do a factory reset or do i have issues with the main board

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