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SEIKI SE55UY04: No Image & Flashing Indicator Light

Hey again y’all

Another bad PSU (Power Supply Unit) today! For this one, we have a visual of where the problem might be, but it’s still good to check the television entirely.

TV Information

Brand: Seiki

Television: 58-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV (2013 Model)

Model #: SE55UY04

Symptoms: TV will not turn on, but the indicator light on the front of the television is continuously flashing. SEIKI SE55UY04 wont turn on

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Ready. Set.. Take the back off and double check all the connections!!! This time, everything checks out okay! SEIKI SE55UY04 back cover off
  2. BUT, while looking at the connections, we did notice a burned-out dark spot on the board at R36. From what we know and have experienced, this points us towards the PSU problem. SEIKI SE55UY04 Power Supply Burn
  3. To confirm our suspicion, we checked the components around R36. Right above R36 is D6 and below R36 is Q1. Checking both of these with our Fluke Meter, we are reading a short throughout the component. It’s a faulty power supply.
  4. So, we replaced the power supply and the TV now turns on, workin’ fine and dandy! SEIKI SE55UY04 Repaired

Repair Conclusion

Solution to Repair: Replace the Power Supply

Board Responsible: PSU (Part #: 890-PF0-5501)SEIKI SE55UY04 New Power Supply

Power supply problems do come in many forms. This is an example where we may have had 5V to flash the indicator light, but the power supply was not producing enough power to kick on the TV. Which is actually a common issue.

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