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Seiki SE32HY27: Will Not Turn On

Welcome back friends!

Today we have a model with just one board! Easy right? Yes! But, if one thing goes wrong with that board, you’ll see it’s a costly replacement. So let’s jump in!

TV Information

Brand: Seiki

Television: 32” LED HDTV

Model #: SE32HY27

Symptoms: Vague at best! The TV will not come on. Indicator light turns red to show it is in standby. But the TV just wont kick on. Not as easy to diagnose, especially without a diagnostic indicator like some other TV models have, but there’s very few things to take apart with this TV model.

Seiki SE32HY27 wont turn on

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Take the back off this baby and double check all the connections! WEEEE! Seiki SE32HY27 back cover off
  2. Since the TV has only one board, there’s very few things that can be the problem. In this case, it’s either the board itself, or a defective power button. So check the least costly of the two first: the power button :p.  Seiki SE32HY27 power button
  3. Like many normal buttons, the power button should read open between two pins and read shorted when the button is pushed. The button checks out OK. Seiki SE32HY27 testing for defective button
  4. Welp, it’s the board. :/ Seiki SE32HY27 defective board
  5. We then replaced the whole board. Thankfully, it’s not that expensive of a part. Yeah one part goes bad, you have to replace the whole thing. But you know what, we replaced it, it fired right on, and we have a fully functioning television again!

Seiki SE32HY27 repaired after board replacement

Repair Conclusion

Solution to Repair; Replace the Main Board / PSU

Board Responsible: Main Board / PSU (Part #: SY14173-14)

Be sure to ALWAYS make sure you are ordering the correct part by using the part number on the board when purchasing a board and not by TV model. One digit off could be the difference between fixing your television or creating other issues.

On cost-effective sets like these, one board ain’t so bad to work on. :)

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