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Guide for LCD and LED TV Boards

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As always, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and today we will give you some basic information on the parts inside of LCD and LED TV’s. If you have ever wondered what was inside of your TV or how the boards functioned together then you are in the right place so lets get to it!

LCD Boards

Main Unit

The Brain of the TV. It controls all the TVs functions and signals. Typically the board that contains all of the input connections such as HDMI, VGA, and/or components inputs. The main unit is also responsible for activating the Power Supply when a command is sent to the TV to power on via power button or remote. Next the main unit will send a signal directly to the back-light inverter to power on so that it can activate the fluorescent lights in the TV providing the display light to view the image on the panel. This board processes all video and audio signals that are applied to the inputs. It contains the software needed to process and transmit the signals to other boards in the TV so that an image on the screen can be present.

Main Unit for Samsung UN50EH5000F


Common Symptoms of a Bad Main Unit: Blue screen, no image on screen (screen lights up but no image), no power or will not turn on (could also be related to the PSU), has indicator light but no image on the screen or sound.

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Power Supply

The Power Supply, also known as the PSU, is responsible for supplying power to all other boards, components and the display panel. The Power Supply Board’s main job is to convert the 110V AC power coming from an outlet into usable DC power for the TV. It typically generates many different DC Voltages depending on the requirements of other boards and components in the TV. Generally when the TV is off the power supply will have a 5V DC signal going to the Main Unit. When the power button is pushed the Main Unit will put a load on the 5V line which tells the power supply to turn on.

Power supply for Samsung UN50EH5000F


Warning: A Power Supply in a plasma television generates dangerous levels of electricity. Do not touch them while the TV is on or connected to an outlet. Only take voltage readings if you are aware of what you are doing. A Power Supply can also hold a charge when the TV is off and not connected to an outlet so be cautious when handling these boards and always pick them up from the edges.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Power Supply: No power, no indicator light, no back-light, has indicator light but wont power on.

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 Backlight Inverter

Responsible for creating the AC power required to light up the fluorescent lights behind the screen. It will take a voltage, usually 12V or 24V DC, coming from the power supply and transform it into a high voltage AC signal. This happens when the main unit sends a signal to the inverter to turn on, typically called “bl on”.

Backlight Inverter for Westinghouse TX-42F810G


Common symptoms of a Bad Backlight Inverter: No illumination of the screen, screen lights up then goes off, no picture but has sound.

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T-Con Board

Also known as the timing controller. It basically controls the screen. The T-Con interprets the signals from the main unit and converts them into signals that can be understood by the panel.

T Con for Samsung UN50EH5000F


Common Symptoms of a Bad T-Con Board: Vertical lines, all black screen, all white screen, color are not displaying correctly, image issues.

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Additional Notes

Common Symptoms of a Bad Panel: dead pixel lines, dead pixels, vertical lines, horizontal lines(ribbon cable issue), bad bulb, only half the screen has an image, ghosting or choppy image, dark spot where bruising has occurred, screen flashes on then off rapidly, banding, cloudy image.

LED Boards

LCD and LED TVs are manufactured quite the same. Instead of fluorescent lights an LED TV has hundreds of LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) behind the screen to provide illumination for the screen.

LED Driver Board

Responsible for supplying the DC voltage needed to illuminate the LED’s behind the screen. Serves the same purpose as a backlight inverter just works differently. It takes a 12V or 24V DC from the power supply and amplifies it to a high voltage direct current in order to drive the power for the LED’s.

Driver Board for Panasonic TC-L42E50

Common Symptoms of a Bad LED Driver Board: No illumination of the screen, screen lights up then goes off, no picture but has sound.

*All images above are examples of the different types of boards and could look differently than the board in your television*

We hope we have given you some insight on how these parts function and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions always feel free to leave one below.

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