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  • Samsung PN43F4500AF: Powers On But No Image

    Hola Amigos!

    Today’s repair features a problem that could seem a little tricky at first to diagnose but with a little guidance we will help you prevail and repair your beloved television.

    TV Information

    Brand: Samsung

    Television: 43-inch Plasma HDTV

    Model #: PN43F4500AF

    Symptoms: The TV has no on screen image or back-light illumination present. When the joystick is moved the indicator light flashes as if the television is on. Samsung PN43F4500AF No Display

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  • Sony KDL-32EX340: Wont Turn On

    Long time no see guys,

    Things have been really busy around the shop lately and during this time we have stumbled upon a really common problem with this television model. A good side to this repair is the only thing required is a little of your  time!

    TV Information

    Brand: Sony

    Television: 32-inch LED HDTV

    Model #: KDL-32EX340

    Symptoms: The TV will not turn on. The green indicator light comes on and then right back off. Sony KDL-32EX340 wont turn on

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  • Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1: No Backlight Repair


    Today we have another issue that could be a little tricky to diagnose. The TV seems to have power but just wont fire up!

    TV Information

    Brand: Westinghouse

    Television: 55-inch 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV

    Model #: DWM55F1Y1

    Symptoms: TV will not come on, the indicator light switches from red to blue but nothing else illuminates.

    Westinghouse DWM55F1Y1 not working

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  • Guide for LCD and LED TV Boards

    Welcome back!

    As always, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and today we will give you some basic information on the parts inside of LCD and LED TV’s. If you have ever wondered what was inside of your TV or how the boards functioned together then you are in the right place so lets get to it!

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  • Guide for Plasma TV Boards

    Hey Guys!,

    Today we have some helpful information that may help clear up questions you may have pertaining to the parts inside of a plasma television.

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  • SEIKI SE55UY04: No Image & Flashing Indicator Light

    Hey again y’all

    Another bad PSU (Power Supply Unit) today! For this one, we have a visual of where the problem might be, but it’s still good to check the television entirely.

    TV Information

    Brand: Seiki

    Television: 58-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV (2013 Model)

    Model #: SE55UY04

    Symptoms: TV will not turn on, but the indicator light on the front of the television is continuously flashing. SEIKI SE55UY04 wont turn on

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  • Toshiba 58L8400U: Wont Power On!

    Welcome back!

    Today, we’re looking into a pretty penny of a set. Well it was a pretty penny until it died. But fear not when working on pricey sets like these!

    TV Information

    Brand: Toshiba

    Television: 58-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

    Model #: 58L8400U

    Symptoms: Completely dead. We can’t see or hear it powering up and there’s no indicator light. Just kaput!

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  • Sharp LC-70LE650U: Picture Loss Repair

    Hi friends!

    We repair so many different television sets that sometimes we notice certain brands exhibit similar problems. This one for example, had a problem that our techs just immediately knew what to fix. Let’s jump into this!

    TV Information

    Brand: Sharp

    Television: Aquos 70” Class LED HDTV

    Model #: LC-70LE650U

    Symptoms: So the set turns on as it should, on-screen picture and everything. But, after about one minute, it loses it’s image, even though the backlight stays on. So, you got yourself a lit screen with nothing displaying. Oh brother!

    Sharp LC70LE650U screen on

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  • Seiki SE32HY27: Will Not Turn On

    Welcome back friends!

    Today we have a model with just one board! Easy right? Yes! But, if one thing goes wrong with that board, you’ll see it’s a costly replacement. So let’s jump in!

    TV Information

    Brand: Seiki

    Television: 32” LED HDTV

    Model #: SE32HY27

    Symptoms: Vague at best! The TV will not come on. Indicator light turns red to show it is in standby. But the TV just wont kick on. Not as easy to diagnose, especially without a diagnostic indicator like some other TV models have, but there’s very few things to take apart with this TV model.

    Seiki SE32HY27 wont turn on

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  • RCA 40LA45RQ: No Image Repair

    Welcome back friends!

    Today we have an RCA television that turns on correctly, but doesn’t want to show anything… YAAAY!

    TV Information

    Brand: RCA

    Television:40″ Class LCD 1080p Widescreen HDTV

    Model #: 40LA45RQ

    Symptoms: The tv powers up, with the indicator light going from red to blue. This means that everything should be on correctly, yet we cannot see anything on the panel.

    RCA 40LA45RQ no screen image

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